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Get lost in an enchanted estate filled with puzzles.

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The Court Of Wanderers is a single player, logic focused, puzzle game

Where you set foot in a world filled to the brim with tightly designed, transparent puzzles that are easy to solve, if you see how...

Explore an open and challenging world

Where every basic puzzle you encounter can be solved then and there.  The game will not hold your hand, and to get everything out of the game, you will have to dig deep.

Collect cubes and items

By solving puzzles and finding secrets. Use them to tease open the doors closed.

At your own pace

The puzzles start easy but become extremely challenging. Stuck? Take another path for the time being and return later with a new perspective. Or, don’t return at all! The hardest puzzles are completely optional.

No tricks required

No feats of timing, quick reactions or dexterity are needed, just insight.


Messed up? With practically unlimited undo and level reset, it is never an issue.

And be amazed

As the impossible becomes possible before your eyes.

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For now, I want to keep working on this project when I find the time. Some things I have in mind, besides general refinement and bug fixing:

  • A map to keep track of unsolved puzzles
  • NPCs
  • More puzzles
  • Brand new mechanics
  • Adding more and better 3D models

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