Update to version 1.4!

Update to version 1.4!

Replace the old version of the game with the new one. If you have the Itch app installed it should update the game automatically. Upon continuing, you should see a message warning you that the save file has last been opened in an older version, and upon playing you will find yourself at the court entrance. However, puzzle and item progress is saved between versions 1.3 and 1.4.

This update comes with a number of improvements:

  • Fixed a game stopping error upon opening the exit of the 'Hall' level (near the beginning of the section with cylinders and boulders, has six side rooms that have to be solved to progress).
  • You now turn and move together, which smooths out the movement.
  • You now read messages upon walking on them.
  • Fixed a number of typos.
  • Improved the tutorial messages, which now remain even after reading them.
  • Reduced the time you need to hold T to reset and added a bar to indicate progress.
  • Removed some unintended puzzle solutions, and added some minor hints.
  • Added a tile that allows you to make a new reset point, for rooms that have more than one cube in them, to prevent resetting a completed puzzle.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Added unity analytics which will hopefully help me to improve the game. You can opt out from this in the main menu.

If you encounter any problems with your old save file, please let me know! Although I'm going on vacation for two weeks, I'll try to respond.The code handling the import of the save file is brand new, so there might be some bugs. If needed I will fix the file manually.

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